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AML Compliance for Accountants

Have the peace of mind that you are compliant. We make AML effortless so you can protect your accountancy firm in the easiest way possible.

The easy way for accountants to stay AML compliant

Accountants are particularly vulnerable to money laundering, so ensuring your AML procedures are fit for purpose is vital.

SmartSearch is a unique AML solution for accountants offering customer identification and verification as well as full Sanction and PEP screening and ongoing monitoring. All AML checks are automatically saved in real-time, and can be retrieved on demand to support audits and regulatory visits.

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Just a few areas we can help you with

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Know your customer (KYC)

Electronically verify your customers and meet your due diligence obligations with the help of our automated facility for PEP and Sanction warning alerts.
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A centralised solution

Our platform completes AML and KYC checks all in one place – and can even integrate with your existing system – streamlining your AML procedures and enabling you to verify your entire client base through one user-friendly interface.
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Conduct your due diligence

Through our due diligence dashboard we ensure identification, verification and ongoing monitoring are completed on all your customers ensuring you can remain fully AML compliant at all times.
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Manage monitoring

Our daily monitoring service takes updates from the world’s most accurate and up-to-date PEP and Sanctions list in the world so we can alert you if any of your client’s statuses change.
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Mitigate the risk of fraud

We offer a wide range of comprehensive anti-fraud services that can be tailored to create a bespoke fraud prevention solution for your business.

Evidence your compliance

With the SmartSearch solution, you are always audit-ready. We can even retrospectively batch-upload existing customer bases to ensure a clean, compliant position.

What kind of accountancy firms do we work with?

  • Audits
  • Tax
  • Pensions
  • Corporate Recovery & Insolvency
  • Advisory
  • Risk & Compliance

Our services are used by 1 in 2 of the top 100 accountancy firms

After an extensive review of multiple providers, we decided on SmartSearch for our AML procedures as it was the best platform we had seen and offered everything we need to ensure we are fully compliant.
Our compliance department especially benefits from the wide range of information SmartSearch incorporate into their platform, giving us a clear result once the check is complete J A Black Partner

You’re in good company

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